Installation Instructions:

Welcome to PromptPlays! With PromptPlays, you can easily automate complex tasks and get things done faster than ever. If this is your first time installing a PromptPlay, there are a few things that need to be configured before you can get started. This will take just a few minutes and is required for your PromptPlay to work correctly.

In these instruction, we'll walk you through the steps of getting started with PromptPlays, including which Apple Shortcuts you need to install, how to add your OpenAI API keys, how to run the Shortcuts, how to customize Shortcuts, and where to get help if you get stuck.

Installing the Apple Shortcuts

Apple Shortcuts is a powerful tool that can increase productivity and make certain tasks easier. PromptPlays (for now 😉) are built as a series of Apple Shortcuts. By using Shortcuts, there is no need to install a new app or visit a website to use your Plays. Also, you get the advantage of running tasks across any of your favorite apps or sites. It also comes with an Shortcut Editor tool that makes it easy to customize Plays or create new ones to share with the community.

Before you can start using any Plays, there are a few required Shortcuts that need to be installed and configured. This will take about 5 minutes and needs to be completed before running any Plays.

Step 1: Get Your GPT-3 API Key

Each Playbook uses the OpenAI GPT-3 API. This is a paid API and you will need to set up an account with OpenAI to use this tool. Once you’ve set up your account, you will need to generate an API key and enter it into the Shortcut when asked for it.

Your OpenAI Key can be found here:

Be sure to save the key in a secure location as you cannot view it again after it is generated.

Note: While PromptPlays does not charge a fee for usage, every time you use a Shortcut you will be charged a fee from OpenAI ranging from fractions of a cent to multiple cents per run. Credits are available for new users. Also be aware that you will be sending data to the API so double-check with any legal or corporate policies before sending any company-specific data to the API. See the FAQ for more details.

Step 2: Install and Configure GPT-3 Shortcuts

Once you have the OpenAI Key, the next step is to install the GPT-3 Shortcuts and add your key.

To install these Shortcuts, just click the link below on your Mac and follow the prompts to add your API Key.

- Call GPT3 API

- Call GPT3 API Creative  

Once the shortcuts are installed and configured, you can open the Shortcuts app on your Mac, and add the key directly in the shortcut.

Step 3: Install Required Helper Shortcuts

There are a few more Shortcuts to install before getting started. There are no configuration steps for these, just click each link and follow the instructions to install it.

- Get Text from Clipboard

- Create Writing Mind Map  

- Mind Map with MermaidJS

- Create Questions Dictionary

Step 4: Install Your PromptPlay

Once the required Shortcuts are installed and configured, you are ready to install your PromptPlay! The links for your Plays can be found in your confirmation email. Just click that link to install it. Note that when you install other Plays in the future, you will be able to skip these steps and just start using it right away.

Step 5: Run Your PromptPlay

To run your Play, you can either open up the Mac Shortcuts app and run it from there, or you can access your plays from the Shortcuts menu in your menu bar. You can also go into any Shortcut and set up custom keyboard shortcuts for even faster access to your Plays from any application or website.

When running a Play, some Plays work by first selecting and copying some text (such as editing some text or responding to an email chain). The Play will often ask one or more questions which will give you the opportunity to give more direction and clarity about what you’d like to get done. Follow the directions for each Play and try it out a few times or watch a sample video on our site to get a better feel for how the Play will work.

PromptPlays also uses the Notes app that is built in to every Mac. This will let you see the prompts that are being sent to GPT-3 and also provide the output of each Play.  Notes will keep a record of each Play that you run. One useful tip is to open up the Notes app and have it set up in the right side of your screen. That will let you see the progress of the Play and give you quick access to the output.  The text is also copied to your clipboard, so you can just paste it in when the Play is complete.

Please be patient while waiting for a result! Plays are calling the GPT-3 api (sometimes more than once) which can take about 10 seconds per call depending on the complexity of the task. Longer tasks such as writing a full blog post can take up to a minute.

Customizing Shortcuts

PromptPlays are meant to be building blocks which let users build a wide variety of automations to help you get work done faster and more efficiently. To customize a Play, just open the Shortcuts app, right-click on any Shortcut and choose “Duplicate”. From there you can rename it and make updates to prompts or make any other customizations you’d like. There are many actions available in Shortcuts, see the Shortcuts documentation for more information about how to build your own.

If you have a Shortcut that you think others might be interested in, please visit the PromptPlays website and let us know! We are building out a marketplace of interesting Plays and we’d love to have you join our

Getting Help

If you have any issues getting things set up, the first step is to review the FAQs on the PromptPlays website. The most common issues are problems with your OpenAI key is out of free credits or a required Shortcut was not installed or configured correctly. You can also look at the Apple Shortcuts documentation for help with most issues as well. If you are still needing assistance, please contact us at

That’s it! It’s time to get started with PromptPlays today and unlock the power of AI to make your daily tasks easier and more efficient. With PromptPlays, you'll be able to create mind maps, craft questions, and generate text with ease, allowing you to focus on what matters most - creating the best content you can. Go give it a try and we can’t wait to see what you are able to create!

(👋 scrollers! If you’re not big on reading instructions, we know this is a lot and that’s cool! But be sure to at least install and configure the required Shortcuts before clicking this link, as you really do need to have those set up before this will work 🙏)

Other Common Questions

1.  Are PromptPlays only available on Apple devices?
Yes, at this time, PromptPlays are only available for Apple devices. They are specifically designed to work with the Apple Shortcuts app, which is only available on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. We intend to expand to other operating systems, devices, and platforms in the future. Subscribe to stay in the loop!
2. Do I need my own OpenAI API key to use PromptPlays?
Yes, you will need your own API key in order to use the OpenAI GPT-3 API within a PromptPlay. The API key is generated through the OpenAI website, and you will need to enter it into the PromptPlay when prompted to do so for setup. In the future we may offer hosted services where this cost may be incorporated.
3. How do I get my PromptPlay on the marketplace?
The best way to get your PromptPlay featured on the PromptPlays marketplace is to contact us through the tell us more survey at the bottom of the marketplace page or by emailing us at